The image above was taken in Paris and the one on the right in Barcelona


Many of the photos on this page are from Barcelona and Paris. The narrow alleyways were great proto opportunities. We were there in winter and particularly in Paris, the nights were cold. Barcelona was always a few degrees warmer. As a rule the narrow passage ways in Paris were cleaner than those in Barcelona. But by morning, both cities had clean streets. Most of the photos were taken between 7:30pm and 8:30pm. This was simply because restaurants dont open until then, particularly in Barcelona. Usually if we arrived at a restaurant or tapas bar at 8:00pm, we would be the only ones eating.


All of the photos on this page were taken with my Nikon D7000. A cropped sensor, 16megapixel unit. The same lens was  used for all as well. It was my Tamron 28-75, f/2.8. While it stayed at a constant 2.8, most of the images were underexposed(should have used more exposure compensation) and needed editing in Lightroom. Another problem was the auto white balance. Nearly all night time images had an orange tinge...a result of the incandescent lighting in the streets. I  could have set my camera to incandescent, but more recovery in lightroom.

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