About to land...

Macro shot of a rock crystal

Nature and Macro Photography

The world around us provides a vast array of photo opportunities. In Werribee South there is of course the pelicans...the Eastern Pelican, that we have here is the largest in the world. They come to feed on the scraps from the fishermen who fillet their fish here. The native bird life is also prolific and I will be adding many more bird photos.

What is really of interest to me is MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY. I recently purchased a Sigma 105mm macro lens which can be stopped to a constant f2.8. However macro photography brings with it its own challenges. For example, lighting(as you are very close to your subject), depth of field...at best 1 or 2 millimeters and finally focus stacking....to get more of your shot in focus. At the extreme end you may take a hundred photos of your subject focussing further back each time. You then use focus stacking software to come up with a final image.

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